Dice Games Guide

For a few years now, dice games have been the most popular game in European casinos and European online casinos and online entertainment halls. Dice machines are located in almost all arcades, casinos and snack bars in European .
Dice games are especially popular because – unlike many casino games – you have an impact on the outcome and you will win more with the right tactics than with a completely wrong tactic. You put the dice in their place on the playing field.

The origin of Dice Games

In 1999, the well-known fruit symbols of traditional fruit machines were banned in Belgium. Offering pure games of chance, which do not involve any form of tactics or insight, was also prohibited. That was the moment that Dice Games were developed. There are two notable differences between dice games and slot machines. First: dice instead of fruit pieces. And second, you place the dice on the screen instead of leaving it to the random number generator.
And that is precisely the fun of Dice Games. It is not, as with slot machines, pure luck (or accident), but you can influence the results yourself. By placing the dice in the right places, you increase your chances of winning enormously. Dice games offer a unique combination of luck (throwing the dice) and strategy (placing the dice in the right place). It is not without reason that in a few years dice games have become the most popular game among Belgian players and the most played game in the legal Belgian online casinos

Online dice games

Since a few years you no longer have to travel to a distant entertainment hall to play Dice Games. All Belgian online casinos and gaming halls offer online dice games, allowing you to enjoy the unique gaming experience of playing Dice Games via your computer, laptop, telephone or tablet. You can win prizes with Dice games 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Online entertainment halls where you can play Dice games.
With dice games, both online and in an amusement hall, it’s about putting 3 of the same symbols next to each other. This is allowed on both a horizontal, vertical and diagonal line. If you get 3 equal symbols on one line, you earn points. The more points you collect, the more money you win at Dice Games. You therefore have a large part of the amount to be won in your own hands, because you determine where you put the various dices.