Live Casino Guide

For over 20 years now you have been able to play at casino online. Sometimes developments in the industry have almost stood still and other times development has gone very fast. As development progressed, the need for a gaming experience also emerged, closer to how it feels like going to a real casino. In a period this was very much sought after. Several game makers snapped up on this and delivered what we today call Live Casino.
About Live Casino
For those who are not familiar with Live Casino, it’s a table game with a donor that you can watch live when sitting in a studio or at a land based casino somewhere around the world. In this way, you get the true feel of a land based casino wherever you are. The games you have to choose from are usually multiple versions of Blackjack, Roulette and Poker.
As Live Casino began to gain a foothold in the gaming market, there were also many game options that now enabled you to choose to play for example ultimate team, multi-handed blackjack and several Roulette verges such as French, European and American. But there have also been other versions lately, such as turbo and golden ball. While several types of live casino games have arisen, more gaming manufacturers have snapped up with this live casino when they found out that it has become an increasingly popular game method. Below the table below we will list some of these game manufacturers and what you would expect from their game.
Evolution Gaming
Evolution Gaming was launched in 2006 and came later to take the game market by storm. With its amazing range and possibilities, it’s easy to understand why it became so. The range includes specialties like multibords games, so you can play on multiple tables with different games at the same time. For Roulette lovers, there are a variety of options as a dual-ball Roulette Table instead of a simple, even French, European and American Roulette.
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Would you rather want to play on a private table with your own live dealer, you also have that opportunity. Evolution Gaming is the one that has the widest range of live dealers that are currently in over 800. If you wish, you can make sure that your live dealer speaks Swedish, so suddenly it feels like you are sitting at Casino Cosmopol, playing directly from your living room. All games are available on all possible platforms so you can access the games from both the mobile and home from the computer. ‘
Ezugi Gaming
In 2014, the gates of Ezugi Gaming boarded the doors, which were live from Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Belgium and Cambodia. Since 2015, Ezugi has an active deal with a casino in Atlantic City. So you can play directly at the table at Gold Nugget Casino in Atlantic City. In the game range you can choose between Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack. At present, there are almost 50 tables to choose from when playing games from Ezugi Gaming. The Ezugi sensors speak English and, if desired, there are also Spanish sensors.
NetEnt Live
For anyone who has been playing at the casino sometime in the last ten years, the name NetEnt is more than known. In addition to being the game maker that most casinos are known to play, they have won the award for their amazing games. Since 1996 you have been able to play NetEntspel. It is thus a real veteran in such a young market. In 2013, they launched their first live casino game and since then several have been added. At present, there are life games like Blackjack, Roulette and VIP Blackjack to choose from. We believe in and hope that more games will be added in the future.
Extreme Live Gaming
Extreme Live Gaming started offering their live games in 2013 and quickly became a popular choice at the casinos where these games exist. In the game range you can find live Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack. In addition to these games, one can also find a Roulette version called Golden Ball, which means that the player who plays no more than 20 consecutive rounds goes on to play a game round Golden Ball. Choose the correct number that Golden Ball lands on and you win a jackpot. How big this jackpot is, you can see directly in the game while playing. All sensors at Extreme Live Gaming speak English.
Microgaming was the first game manufacturer on the market and is considered to be one of the world’s largest gaming manufacturers. As early as 2006, they launched their first live casino game, which was Baccarat and later Roulette, Blackjack and Casino Hold’em Poker were added. Should not one of these games be enough for you, you can always choose multiplayer games that enable gambling on up to 3 different live games. If you want to get it extra you can always start one of Playboys live casino games where the sensor is a hot playboycanin. All Microgaming sensors speak English.
In 2016 Microgaming began to develop its first real Virtual Reality game. Roulette is what it’s about which you can play with the help of Oculus Rift glasses. You get them and disappear into a world where you and a donor are located. It can be in space, on a beach or at a land based casino anywhere in the world. See the clip below to get a taste of what the future has to bring. Only the imagination sets limits to how far Virtual Reality in combination with casino gaming can go.